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About us 


Timeless & quality - two brand tenets

ULYASHOVA - russian outerwear brand, founded in 2015 by a young Russian designer Olga Ulyashova.

All collections consist of classic coats where special attention is paid to the quality of the used fabrics and visual simplicity of design, the choice of calm and stylish colors.

Our brand doesn't tied to trends and the passage of time, a coat from ULYASHOVA is a basic element of autumn, winter and spring wardrobe that will never go out of fashion.

Feminine silhouettes

Aesthetics of minimalism

Only natural fabrics of premium quality

Wide selection of colors and sizes


Beginning of Olga’s path served as a long-term experience in the textile industry. In her biography fabrics took one of the important periods in her life. Alongside being in close contact with leading manufacturers of outwear made her fell in love with coats and help to become a professional on the market.

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Love for fabrics and inspiration turned out to be those crystal glasses for me, as for Santiago in “Alchemist”, who has breathed in his heart confidence and new strength. So the enthusiasm which I worked with in a textile company has led me to a new path - production of a coat. Everything that exists in the universe - overflows from one to another - and this stage also overflowed into production of coats and vivid desire to develop ULYASHOVA. This is the dream. This is my path.

Olga Ulyashova

Designer and founder

At the beginning, the collection made up of coats and vests, dresses and bombers, hats and snoods. Giving Olga’s personal touch she made a lot of experiments with fabrics to find a product to resonate in the hearts of clients, and a niche on the market. This is how the wool coat EVA and the strict classic coat KARINA become iconic coats in 2018 - 2019 year, and the leaders according clients’ orders and feedback.

In September 2018 the brand was first introduced to clients during Paris Fashion Week SS19 and right after that two showrooms in Paris and Milan were opened.

2020 made its own adjustments and sales went online.

‘Coats have always been the most popular among sophisticated and elegant clients of ULYASHOVA brand, therefore they became our truly sales leader.I know it will be relevant for more than one season and will help you to feel confident in any situation. I am convinced that the future belongs to conscious fashion’ - Olga says.

Today ULYASHOVA is a brand of classic outerwear, where its models will stay in fashion for years.